Friday, May 21, 2010

New Friends

One of our favorite parts of this trip has been making new friends. There are a couple of other young families staying in our hotel and we've been able to spend time with them over the past couple of weeks.

Gretchen and Phillip.

We saw this swan on a walk yesterday.

Both Ellie and Ethan love Baby Phillip. He's absolutely darling and a very happy little guy. I've enjoyed visiting with his mom, Gretchen. They left to go back home to Ottawa today and we'll miss them!

(That is Ellie's face Baby Phillip is playing with).

We went on another beautiful hike this morning with Erin and Baby Kate. We saw a HUGE turtle on the bank of the river:

Ellie, Ethan, Erin and Kate resting after our walk.

Kate gets so excited when she sees Ellie. They play together really well. Kate's dad is from Australia so she speaks with a slight Australian accent, just on a few words. Ellie loves to ask her to say word after word just to hear her sweet voice.

Ellie has been missing her friends at home, so we are extremely grateful to have found these fun new friends!

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