Friday, May 14, 2010

Heidi is my favorite person

Why? Because she is awesome.
Awesome has become a very overused word, so I will clarify:
She is the most talented, thoughtful, intelligent, and beautiful woman I have ever met.
She is kind to everyone, judges no one, and consistently looks for opportunities to help people.
She cares more about her children than she cares about herself.
She loves me and I can see her love for me every day.
Heidi is awesome because she reads. She reads a lot. Every day. Heidi reads at least 2 or 3 books at a time.
Heidi reads to Ellie every day. That is awesome. I am not talking about a bedtime story. Heidi has sat in a chair with Ellie on her lap and read to her nearly every day Ellie has been alive. Sometimes for more than an hour or two. Ethan is getting the same experience. There is a reason Ellie has a bigger vocabulary than I do.
Heidi is awesome because she works hard. You have no idea how hard she works. Heidi gets more done in one day than most of the people I know get done in a week. She manages our household like she trained 30 years for the job. And she isn’t even 30 yet.
She is a working mother who stays at home with her kids. I love her for that. Heidi is way smarter than I am and could have made a pretty incredible career for herself. She choose to stay home and be a mother.
Heidi is awesome because she is an awesome friend. Heidi laughs at my lame jokes and listens patiently while I tell her in significantly more detail than necessary about the problem I am fighting at work. She will listen to me ramble for literally hours. She will smile pleasantly and nod as I draw pictures and diagrams. She will tell me she knows I will solve the problem. Sometimes I think the only reason I do find the solution is because she told me I would. She understands me. Heidi is my favorite person and I am pretty sure I am hers.

Heidi, I love you. I admire you and hope you know how much your love means to me. The last 9 years have been wonderful and at the rate we are going, I am not sure I can even comprehend the love I will feel for you in the coming years.
Heidi is awesome.

I don't know much about blog posting but I will try to attach an embarrassing picture of myself. Embarrassing pictures of me make Heidi happy. I love to make her happy.


  1. That made me happy to see how happy she makes you. Thank you for sharing, I totally admire you guys.

  2. You're sweet. That blog post was so much better than sharing a bottle of Chardonnay with her. :)

  3. Heidi is also my favorite person.. well, one of them anyway. What a grest tribute to her. Now, she has no reason not to put this in a book!! And, we miss you guys already.

  4. Thanks for loving my sister soooo much! She definitely deserves it! Jason just earned a gazillion awesome points in my book. :)

  5. Very sweet. Heidi really is a great person and friend. I think you both are great people. Love the picture by the way.