Friday, May 14, 2010

Castle Kilbride

Yesterday the kids and I visited the Castle Kilbride. We got a personal tour from the museum curator. She was thrilled to show Ellie all of the intricate paintings on the ceiling and Ellie was thrilled to see them. She kept saying, "That's so FANCY!" Fancy is the ultimate compliment at our house right now.

Ethan found a chair just his size.

Here's Ellie in the belvedere (bonus points if you know what that is. I thought it was just the name of a butler from an old sitcom...) The notebook she's holding is her Canada Adventure Journal. She's been drawing pictures and writing about what we do each day. I'm sure that will be a treasure for her when she's older.

After several days of rain we were thrilled to have a semi-warm sunshiny day today. We went to two different parks! The kids were in heaven.

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