Friday, March 12, 2010


Our kiddos have been under-the-weather for the past couple of weeks. They've both had never-ending coughs/colds. But poor Ellie has had the worst of it. We ended up spending a couple of hours at the InstaCare on Saturday night because she had pink eye and an ear infection on top of everything else. We're extremely grateful for antibiotics! They started working very quickly and in just a day or two she was feeling much better. She jumped on our bed for a few minutes and then quickly lost all energy, but it was comforting to see she was on the mend.

We're still having to take it pretty easy. But they are finally getting better!

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  1. Too bad. Sickness has been going around. So glad things are getting better. Ellie definately looks like she is having fun jumping. I am not sure that there are too many things that could keep Ellie down, she is a fun girl.