Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clark Planetarium

We took the kids to see Under the Sea in 3D at the Clark Planetarium on Saturday. Ethan refused to wear his 3D glasses, but loved the show nevertheless. He kept yelling out, "Fssssh! Fssssh!" and doing the sign for fish.

At one point a huge shark looked like it was coming out of the screen toward us. Ellie hurriedly took her 3D glasses off and put them on my lap. As soon as the shark scene was over she calmly picked them up and put them back on. It may seem like a small thing, but I was SO proud of her. It wasn't long ago that we may have had to leave because she was crying too loud for our neighbors to enjoy the show. A breakthrough for our sensitive girl!

After the show we spent some time looking at the exhibits. Both kids loved visiting Mars and the Moon.

Ethan on Mars.

Ellie on Mars.

Ellie was very excited to pretend to be on the news. She did get a bit nervous once it was her turn and everyone was watching her but she got over it quickly.

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