Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life Without a Car

On the way home from the scrumptious dinner I told you about earlier, our transmission went out. My extremely talented husband did some research and dove right into the repair. Can I just tell you how grateful I am for him? I love that he is continually learning new skills that benefit our family. Because this is not a car repair he's ever attempted, it's taken longer than normal. I was without a car all last week and will be without one all this week, too. We've been able to arrange our schedules to get Ellie to swimming lessons in the late afternoons, but during the day the kids and I have just been home, home, home. It was worried that I'd go crazy, but so far it's actually been rather nice.

We've gone on walks/bike rides:

This is right before Ethan tripped and chipped the corner of his front tooth on the sidewalk.

We've done lots of projects at home. Here is Ethan's first experience with finger painting. Yes, he ate some but it's non-toxic so that's okay...right?

Playing in bubbles in the sink:

We've enjoyed time outside the past couple of days, we drew with sidewalk chalk and the kids dug in the gravel while I pruned some bushes. I've been able to get to a lot of the little projects that have been on my mind for months. It has been a wonderful change of pace for us and has made me realize that we don't need to do as much as we are used to doing. We can enjoy slower-paced time at home and spend a lot less money in the process. While I am looking forward to having the car back to at least have the option of leaving the house, I am grateful for this learning experience. It has made me much more content with what I have.

One of Ethan's new favorite things to do is blow out candles. We frequently have candlelit dinners at our house. (I believe it helps the kids to be more calm while we eat. I think that idea came from my parents.) Ethan has watched us blow out the candles for a long time and just learned how to do it himself. I love his lips!

Don't worry--we hold his hands so he can't reach up and burn himself.

My other favorite thing about not having a car during the day is that we have all been cramming into Jason's two door civic when we go anywhere in the evenings. Ethan and Ellie are close enough to touch each other and he always reaches out to hold her hand. I love looking into the back seat to see my two sweet children holding hands. It's the sweetest thing! I hope they'll always be such good friends.

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  1. That is so sweet (the hand holding). Love it.

    If you ever want to work hard for finger painting, you could use vanilla pudding and just add food coloring. I know it's more work but it really does taste much better!