Monday, September 28, 2009

MTM Ellie's birthday

Since there was no theme for Muffin Tin Monday today, we had a special birthday edition. Ellie had a tortilla and cream cheese party hat, "confetti" cheese, carrots and ranch (because she requested them and it's her birthday!), 5 dried peach slices (I can't believe she's 5!) and a KinderEgg that Jason brought back from his trip to Sweden last week. Happy Birthday, 5 year old!

It was all served on our "Special Day" plate, of course.
The plate says:

You're marvelous! You're fabulous!
We're honored that you'd eat with us!

You're wonderful! You're dynamite!
We'd even say, "You're outta sight"!
We love you!
We're proud of all the things you do!


  1. So cute! Happy Birthday Miss Ellie. We were thinking about it last week at the store as Brooklynn was pointing at EVERYTHING... telling me. "I want this for my birthday, I want Santa to give me this..." And so instead she picked out a little something for Ellie's birthday. We will have to stop by one of these days and give it to her. Hope you are having a blast.

  2. Adorable picture, yummy tin and very Happy Birthday to Ellie too!!

  3. Aw! Happy birthday to your little girl. What a fun MTM!

  4. What cute plate! And a fun set of muffin tins! Happy birthday! :)