Sunday, September 20, 2009

Miracle Tomatoes

A story about tomatoes: Yellow Pear tomatoes are our favorite variety; they are similar in size to cherry tomatoes, but taste sweeter. We eat them like candy around here. But in the early summer when I was planting our garden, I couldn't find a single yellow pear tomato plant at any of the nurseries in our area. Yes, I could have started them from seed in March, but I was overwhelmed with 3 kiddos and the impending departure of our little Cutie and so I didn't.

So in July, when I noticed tomato plants growing up out of the gravel surrounding our garden beds I couldn't rip them out. Being the nerd that I am, I decided to perform an experiment. I wanted to see how well these tomato plant volunteers would do compared with the plants I took meticulous care of. I didn't water, fertilize or acknowledge the "gravel plants" in any way. I just waited to see what they would do and hoped they would be our favorite variety. As it turns out, we had 4 yellow pear tomato plants! You can imagine our joy! However, I quickly remembered that each plant can produce around 1500 tomatoes. Yikes.

Abrupt change of subject: Lately, I have been thinking a lot about traditions and teaching our children about gratitude and service. One way we can accomplish all three is by kicking off the holiday season with a family service project. I wanted a project that little hands can help with and that will help them understand (as much as they can understand) that we have been extremely blessed and have a tremendous amount to be grateful for. And also that there are people out there that do not have very much.

We will be collecting items to donate to The Christmas Box House (the shelter that placed all 9 of our foster children with us) to give to children and teens that have recently been taken into the state's custody.

Here's where I tie it all together: We would like to ask for your donations for our wonderful cause. You may donate items from the list below, or if you'd rather donate cash I'd be happy to purchase the items we need. In exchange for these donations, I would like to give you some of our surplus of home-grown, delicious tomatoes. If you don't like tomatoes but would still like to donate, that's okay. I won't force you to take any.

We will most likely be assembling the hygiene kits around Thanksgiving, so please feel free to donate up until then. However, the tomatoes won't be around that long. Please leave a comment (or email me if you prefer) and let me know if you would like to participate. I look forward to making service a tradition in our family, and hope we can make a difference this year.

Children’s Kits:
Child size toothbrush
Children’s toothpaste (full-size)
Children’s shampoo w/conditioner
Sensitive Skin body wash or full-size bar of Sensitive Skin soap

Teen Kits:
Body Wash or full size bar of soap
Brush or comb


  1. Yeah! We would love to help...maybe deordorant and something else? I'll let you know..a very worthy cause.
    I would love some tomatoes (a few, anyway). xo, Mom

  2. I would love to help out. I have several of these items my storage and those tomatoes look good enough to eat!!!!

  3. You can count me in as well! I'll pick up some things next time I go shopping! :)

  4. I would love to help out. And I would love to try some of your tomatoes. I don't think I have tried that kind before.