Monday, September 28, 2009

Ellie's 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Miss Ellie! I can hardly believe she's 5 years old. Time flies!

Her big present this year was a "training wheel bike". She and Jason went on a Daddy/Daughter date to pick it out on Saturday. She's been borrowing her neighborhood friends' bikes all summer, so she was ready to jump right on and ride. She loves the bike and we are thrilled to have been able to get it for her.

Ellie had her day all planned out. She has been waiting patiently for months to get her first library card, so that was at the top of her list. I love that she's so excited about books and the library!

For the past 3 years, we've had a tradition of going up Butterfield Canyon to see the leaves on Ellie's birthday. We had fun splashing around a bit in the little stream that runs through our favorite spot in the canyon. (On a side note, I was disgusted at the amount of trash that was left there. What is so hard about taking the garbage with you?!)

Ellie chose to have a fire in the backyard and roast hot dogs for her birthday dinner. I'm not going to think about what that says about my cooking skills.

But at least she was happy! She also requested corn and applesauce as side dishes.

Of course we had cake and ice cream! And of course, because I'm me, the cake was ruined. I finished it this morning and put it on my cake stand. When we went to take the lid off, the sides of the cake were stuck to it. Grrr! ( I didn't take a picture before I put the cake under the lid, so I had to get one before we took it off...)

Cute flowers stuck to the side:

At least the flowers stayed on the top.

It still tasted good!

Happy Birthday, Ellie!
We love you and are so proud of you!


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  2. Oh so cute! We had fun celebrating with you too. I must have a copy of the fall/ellie hugging tree's awesome! Your blog is great...keep on blogging!

  3. That is so cute. Ellie is so cute, sweet and silly. Sounds like you guys had a great day. Love the beautiful leaves. The cake is so cute, it looks great.