Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to School week

Last week was Back to School week at our house. Here is what we did:

First Day of School traditions:

ABC and 123 pancakes.

Pictures by the front door.

Ellie decorated a notebook, to be used ONLY for schoolwork this year. (She loves to carry notebooks around and has several that are half-used, but I wanted one dedicated specifically to school).

Math Day: We cut out numbers from magazines and Ellie decided whether they were even or odd numbers and glued them to the correct paper. (This was harder for her than I expected, but she did end up getting it toward the end).

I used this website to design a back to school word search specific to Ellie. She was thrilled that her name was on it.

We did apple printing. Cut an apple in half and dip the cut side in paint, then plop it on the paper. Ellie kept saying "This looks like lungs!". I don't know where she got that, but they kind of did.

I also made this snack that is supposed to look like a pencil. Can you see it?


  1. Even & Odd is a really hard skill I had 2nd graders who never got it. I'm super impressed Ellie figured it out! She must be a smarty pants :)

  2. How fun! Her hair cut is so cute by the way,