Thursday, August 20, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday Swap

I had the chance to join in the Muffin Tin Monday swap that Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth put together. We were paired with Melissa from Ask Miss Mommy . It was such a fun experience! Ellie and I had a blast picking out the items we sent to Melissa, and we were even more excited to open the package she sent.

Included in the package were: darling silicone baking cups with little feet (which Ellie adores; she was actually begging me to buy them when we picked out our swap items!); a cute container with several kinds of sprinkles, and Fairy Tale cookie cutters. We don't have any "girlie" cookie cutters, so I was most excited about those!

Thanks Melissa for a very fun package! And a HUGE thank you to Michelle for putting the whole thing together!


  1. How cute! Fairytale cookie cutter seem so fun. :D

  2. cool cookie cutters!! looks like a lot of people bought the silly feet as part of the swap :)

  3. Those are all darling. I really wish that I would have done it but was feeling kinda lazy. Maybe if they do it again I will. LOVE the Fairy tale cookie cutters. I bet you guys will have a lot of fun with those. We are going to P.C. for the marathon and am going to go in the kitchen store to get some of the sillicon cups. I thought it would be perfect to use for Cam just to put one or two things for him to join in.

  4. Too cool! Those cutters are darling. It's a good thing I'm checking out everyone's stashes when she's asleep, or she'd demand that we go to the store immediately for those and cups with feet. Hehe.

  5. We got those silly feet too! Love them!