Wednesday, August 12, 2009

For Jason

We've been watching a lot of home videos lately. Jason has sent quite a few from Sweden, but we have also enjoyed going back through videos we've recorded since Ellie was tiny. I'm so glad we have, because we rediscovered this little gem. This is from January 12, 2007 so Ellie was not quite 28 months old.

I remember lots of people commenting on how well she could speak at the time, but looking back at her I can't imagine she was ever that tiny! She was Ethan's age (9 months) when she first started saying, "Hi!" to everyone we passed at the grocery store, so she'd been talking for quite a while by this time.

Jason, this is mostly for you. I'm sure you're missing your little side-kick like crazy by now (and the rest of us, too of course). I thought this might help a little with the homesickness. Either that or make it a LOT worse. I love you!

(It's kind of long, just to prepare you. She gets cut off at the end because our camera at the time could only do 3 minute videos.)


  1. She has the same squeaky little voice that's for sure!

  2. So cute! Yea, I don't remember her being so litlle either. I always picture her the way she is right now!

  3. She is so cute. I totally remember this cute little munchkin talking like crazy and always refferring to Ryan as Brother Oldroyd. What a cutie. Love the video, love her cute little voice too.