Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Busy Week

We've thoroughly enjoyed Jason's time off for the past couple of weeks. On Monday we walked around Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon. This is such a beautiful area! Ellie loved the boardwalks and being the "hike leader". Before we got to the trail head, I told Ellie about the boardwalks. I guess my explanation didn't make much sense, because once we started walking, Ellie said, "Wait! Mom, are THESE the boardwalks you were talking about?" I said, "Yep." She said, "Oh! That's a good name for them, because they are not made out of cement like sidewalks. They are made out of boards. It's a BOARD-walk!"

You can't tell in the picture, but she also insisted on wearing three braids in her hair. One on each side and one in back. As much as I wanted to talk her out if it, I didn't. And yes, I was proud of myself for letting her go out in public that way.

This is Ethan's new "Excited Face". He makes a big round O with his lips. He looks adorable and it is absolutely impossible not to kiss those lips!

Aside from a minor break-down when it was time to leave (she wanted to walk around the lake again) it was a wonderful outing, and so nice to be in the cool of the canyon!

We've also finally started harvesting from our garden. Is it just me or is everything behind this year? We have been waiting all summer for these carrots to be ready. Ellie picked them out at the nursery because they are purple. Needless to say, she was extremely happy to finally get to eat one of the special purple carrots she planted all by herself.

We were able to visit one of our favorite people on Tuesday. Sister Knight is Jason's Mission President's wife ( He passed away not long after Jason returned home from his mission). We have remained in touch with her and have greatly appreciated her friendship over the years. She invited us to swim and play in her darling playhouse. We had a blast, and I can't believe I didn't take any pictures. I guess we were just too busy visiting and having fun to get the camera out! Thanks, Sister Knight for a fun afternoon!

We spent all day Thursday at Pineview Reservoir with the Hillman family and close friends. The day was full of our favorite things:



and family.

It really was a perfect and relaxing day. (That's easy for me to say! Jason rode his bike from our house to the reservoir and got somewhat lost along the way. His total mileage for the day was 94 miles. Does that sound like a relaxing day to YOU? It doesn't to me. But Jason loves it, and that's what counts.)

The Hero of the Day was definitely Brother Kitchen (Jason's parents next-door-neighbor). He built sand castles with the kids

and took us all on boat rides.

That's Jack giving the thumbs-up sign right in front of his cute face.
You may be interested to learn that for the first time in my long water-skiing career I was unable to get up on this trip. I still can hardly believe it, the water was very choppy and I'll use that as my excuse, but I was pretty disappointed. There's always next time, I guess!

Ethan more than made up for my disappointment by absolutely loving this day. He splashed in the water and dug in the sand happily for the entire day. The more I get to know this boy, the more I fall head-over-heels in love with him.

We even got to see more "Excited Faces". I'll give you $5 if you can resist those lips!

Yes, that is sand-drool running down his chest. He started eating sand and rocks on this trip. Bummer!

Now, back to the real world. I feel so cheated that Jason actually has to go to work tomorrow and stay ALL DAY. We won't see him for HOURS! I guess that is what normal life is like, but I always forget that when we're on vacation.

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