Saturday, July 18, 2009

Visiting the Gardens and New Tricks

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It's no secret that I love Thanksgiving Point gardens. We visited last week with my sister and her boys as well as my brother. I didn't know there was a small splash park in the children's garden, but that was certainly the high point for Ellie and Cougar. We didn't bring swimming suits for them, but that didn't slow them down for long.

Silly girl...

Luckily it was hot enough that the kids dried off quickly (just in time for us to hit the splash park one more time on our way out of the garden).

Above are Ellie, Cougar and their Uncle David. They adore him, he's a very good uncle!

I wasn't sure what Ethan would think about sitting on the dirt, but he loved it. He kicked his little feet nonstop and I'm happy to report that I never saw him put anything in is mouth!

The kids loved playing with the outdoor blocks. David made the flag Cougar is holding.

Here are "the twins". Ethan adores that hat, by the way. He's worn it very often lately and grins as soon as I put it on him. Maybe that's because he knows we'll be going outside soon... He's even fussed a couple of times when I took it off.

Our silly kiddos planned and put on a couple of plays for us at the outdoor stage. In one Cougar (aka Batman) "rescued" Ellie (aka Cinderella) when she was standing atop one of the blocks you see in the above picture. She called out, "Help me, Batman! I'm stuck!" and Cougar came rushing to the rescue. He actually tried to pick her up and lift her off the block. She ended up saving herself. That's my girl!

In other news, I wanted to share a picture of the spy belt Jason made for Ellie last week. She has been extremely into "spy stuff" lately. Requesting spy stories for bedtime, and spy movies for Pizza and a Movie night. Here is the incredible belt that my incredible husband made:

She has a spy gun and darts, a holster for her flash light, a spy badge, a telescope as well as an assortment of chains and things to take care of the "bad guys".

They also made a periscope. You never know when you'll need one!

This is Ethan's newest trick. Peek-a-boo! You may not be able to tell, but he's covering his eyes. I guess he just likes to see what's happening. He puts his hands down when you say, "Where's Ethan?" and acts very surprised to see you.

Have you ever seen a cuter couple of kids? (For those of you with your own kids, I understand if you think yours are cuter. I won't get mad).


  1. That looks like so much fun at the gardens. Don't you love the splash pads.
    I love spy Ellie especially when she snuck in your house that one day and took some cookies. That was funny.
    Ethan is so cute and it is so fun when they do peek a boo. Cameron does the same thing. When his hands are up that is like his eyes are covered and down then he sees. We usually do it at diaper changing time, since the kid won't hold still. So cute.

  2. OK I'm in love with your kids! They are so darling and creative! I'm sure they get that from you guys. :) Ellie looks like she could give Harriet the Spy a run for her money!