Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A lot of catching up to do...

I feel like we've been running around like crazy for the past couple of weeks, and I haven't been very good about blog updates.

My cute sister Lindsay took Ellie on a Princess Day. They dressed up like princesses and did all sorts of girlie things like painting fingernails, watching Anastasia and walking around the Mount Timpanogos temple. Read all about it here. Ellie had a blast and is still talking about it.

Ellie declared one day last week a "fancy day". This consisted of dressing like a ballerina for the entire day.

She's also taken up "exploring". She asked me to pack her a lunch and set off to discover wonders in our backyard.

Ethan has two teeth and possibly one more on the way.

He can also clap. It takes him a little while to remember how to get his hands to make contact, but he's always very pleased when his chubby little hands make noise.

We had some silly cousin time on Sunday. (My parents bought that car when my 21 year old sister was little. I'd say they've gotten their money's worth!)

"School" has been all about seeds and flowers and we've done some fun projects relating to them.

Ellie's sunflower and markers for the garden.

Ellie also played with my keyboard for a few days. It has close to 100 pre-programmed songs and she like to pretend she's playing them. For a day or two she had a band, and even made a sign to go on the keyboard. I love her backwards S!

At least for now, our kiddos adore each other, and it is so fun to see and hear them together. Sometimes as we're driving I get teary-eyed (I know, big surprise) listening to them giggle together in the back seat. There is no better sound in the world!

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  1. Too much fun! I love all the projects you do with the kids. I need to get an email address so I can keep you in the blog. email me at Coriannalee@hotmail.com so you can see the pics of the girls.