Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tea Party with Grandma

We have a fun new tradition in our family: birthday tea parties with Ellie's grandmas! Ellie is lucky enough to have lots of grandmas and most of them live close-by. They all have birthdays during the summer, so we have started inviting them over for a fancy tea party to celebrate.

Friday was Grandma Kindlespire's turn (that's my mama). She's a very good sport and let Ellie pick some accessories for her.

Ellie picked the menu. We had tiny sandwiches with flower-shaped cheese, veggies and dip, fruit and dip, strawberry milk and a tray of "tiny treats". We found this darling book at the library and Ellie fell in love with it. We made four of the recipes:

Tiny ice cream cones (bugles chips and cream cheese)
Teeny powdered doughnuts (cheerios in powdered sugar)
Mini-cinnamon rolls
and little watermelon slices (jigglers jello recipe inside a lime rind). They turned out pretty cute, and Ellie was delighted when Grandma told her this was the fanciest lunch she's ever had.

It's so nice to visit with grandmas one-on-one, and we look forward to continuing the tradition. So if you're lucky enough to be one of Ellie's grandmas, be watching for an invitation on your birthday!


  1. What a very cute idea!! I love those tiny treats.

  2. I have seen those little doughnuts before. Those are NOT Powdered doughnuts - they are DOUGHNUT SEEDS! Think of all the big doughnuts you missed by not planting them and waiting... that is so sad.