Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tea Party in Howell

We had the pleasure of taking a tea party to Howell, UT this weekend. We were celebrating Grandma Munk's birthday, but Ellie said Grandpa could join us. He was a very good sport and even donned some of the accessories Ellie brought (you can see the necklace in the picture). We enjoyed having Grandma and Grandpa all to ourselves for lunch, it's rare that we get to visit only with them.

After lunch Jason's aunt and cousin came by to say hi and, as always, it was wonderful to see them, too!

Ellie even performed for us. She is by no means comfortable doing this in front of a group yet, so I was very proud of her for agreeing to give it a shot. This is the first picture she's ever let us take with her violin (which is probably why I've never mentioned that she's learning to play). She's been taking lessons from her amazing Aunt Mindy for a few months and, for the most part, really enjoys it. She tends to get a little silly during practice time and even worse during lessons (sorry again, Mindy!) but she always talks about when she can play "real songs" and has added violin-player to her list of things to be when she grows up. Currently, she's going to be a "Mommy-Ballerina-Cook-Violin Player-Artist". I may be biased, but I think she'll be the best Mommy-Ballerina-Cook-Violin Player-Artist the world has ever seen!

Happy Birthday, Grandma! Thanks for a fun day!


  1. Wow I am very impressed that she is wanting and learning the the voilin- that is great!

  2. Little violins are so adorable! That's awesome she is learning to play. Steve and I both played violin when we were younger. -So we want Austin to learn too. -Although I'm not sure when to start him...

  3. Go Ellie! I have to agree with you about Ellie being "all that!" Please email me at coriannalee@hotmail.com, I want to make sure that you get in our blog too since we had to go private.

  4. And thanks to all of you, especially Ellie for honoring me with a special tea party for my birthday.