Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swimming lessons

Ellie started taking swimming lessons this week. She LOVES them! She participates completely and has only gotten nervous once (when the teacher wanted her to jump in where the water was over her head). It is so fun for me to watch her enjoy these classes. I'm dreaming of her joining the swim team when she gets a little older, but I keep reminding myself not to push her into it. I saw way too many "swimming families" during my years on the swim team. Every member of the family was forced to swim competitively, whether they liked it or not, and I don't want my kids to hate swimming like some of those kids did. However, if they love it all on their own, I'm more than happy to support them and would gladly sit for hours at swim meets. (Thanks, Mom and Dad for all of the time you spent waiting to watch me compete, and I apologize for the time(s) I accidentally missed my event!)

Despite the cold this morning, Ethan loved it too!

By the end of the lesson, both kids were pretty worn out. But Ellie is already looking forward to going back next week. And so am I!


  1. I was thinking of putting Brooklynn in swim lessons but don't know where. Where does Ellie go? That is so cute. I am glad she likes it.

  2. I was thinking of having Austin take them as well...but I'm worried he's not quite ready. Where are you taking them?

  3. Ellie is getting so big! Your little Ethan, your family is adorable. There is always so much fun going on, big events, and new news everytime I get on your blog. Congrats with all things accomplished!

  4. I need to put my boys in swimming lessons...they are pretty scary, they just run and jump in the pool...whether anyone is there to catch them or not!