Saturday, June 6, 2009

Keeping Little Hands Busy

Like most moms of busy 4-year-olds, I am always on the lookout for things to keep little hands busy. Here are a few ideas that have worked lately. I thought I'd pass them on in case you needed new activities:

Ellie has been very in to paper dolls lately. We print the outlines off this site and she colors them. Then we cut them out and laminate them with contact paper. She has colored almost every page available on the website within the past few weeks.

Sculpy clay people.

I bought some sculpy clay the other day, not sure if we'd get our money's worth out of it. That first day, Ellie played with the clay for at least 2 hours. Definitely worth the money! She has created several clay people. This old granny with a cane is our favorite:

She is always so proud to show us her creations! (The picture below was at close to 11pm. After I put Ellie to bed, she got up and played with the clay for 2 or 3 hours without us knowing. She came out of her room, so proud to show us what she made. I couldn't be upset with her, I know the feeling of loving a project so much that you don't want to stop working on it!)

We also recently took out the smallest of our baby girl clothes. Ellie loves dressing up her dolls in them, and the buttoning and un-buttoning is great for her fine-motor skills.

Hopefully you find these ideas useful. I've sure been happy to come across them!

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