Sunday, May 17, 2009


My sweet husband planned a weekend get-away for our anniversary last week. He arranged for grandparents to watch the kiddos for two (count 'em, two!) nights. He made reservations at the Red Cliffs Lodge near Moab. This may point out how very cheap we are, but it was the absolute nicest place we've ever stayed in our 8 years of marriage. It was so fun!

They even had towel sculptures in the bathroom!

We drove down Thursday morning, my awesome sister watched the kids for the day and then they stayed at my parents' house Thursday night. They then went to Jason's parents house for Friday/ Saturday. Enough about them...back to us.

Thursday was the "civilized portion" of the trip, as Jason put it. We went out for a delightful Mexican dinner and saw the new Star Trek movie (which we both really liked).

After sleeping for close to 10 hours (heavenly!) we packed up and headed to Arches National Park.

We hiked around the Fiery Furnace for a little while.

And then we hiked to Delicate Arch where some very nice French people took our picture.

We saw this crazy lizard running across the trail.

We played in the sand near the Colorado River. *

We camped right on the river in a site infested with birds.

It seemed like they chirped right outside the tent all night long. However, I'd probably choose that some nights over the sound of Ellie "whispering", "Mommy! Moooom! I can't sleep." After which I will take her to bed and she promptly falls asleep.

We hiked the Devil's Garden trail Saturday morning. During the course of the hike, you are able to see 8 arches (that is if you don't forget to take the very short side-trail and miss two of them like we did).

The cactus was just starting to bloom.

It was such a nice trip, and we thoroughly enjoyed spending some time away. By the end, we were both extremely excited to get back to our babies. Now we're all refreshed and ready to be parents again. Thank you again to our amazing family. We so appreciate you taking the kids so we could have this weekend together.

* I realized that just about everyone who reads this blog already knows what Peanut's real name is. Actually, it's not officially his "real" name yet, but it will be soon. We don't need to keep it a secret any more. His name is Ethan Clarke and we love him. Just to clarify: Peanut=Ethan, is everyone still with me? It's going to take me a while to get used to typing Ethan instead!


  1. Sounds fun, we were in Moab a few weeks back, super fun. Funny though my friend down the street has two kids Ellie and Ethan, cute names.

  2. That is awesome. I haven't been to MOab in a long time. That would be fun to go with the kids. Looks like a great anniversary. It is always nice to get away once in awhile.

  3. Gorgeous pictures!!! And how sweet of Jason to arrange it all. I'm jealous...I need a couple nights away from the kids too. LOL.

  4. Great view!!! I am gathering ideas for our anniversary this year and this just made it on the list of possiblities.

  5. Awesome pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast. Even we knew what peanut's name really is. Let us know when it becomes official.

  6. I didn't watch the kids... That was Kristi. ;) I'm glad you were able to have a fun trip. Love ya!