Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cousin Day!

On Thursday, we were lucky enough to spend the day at my sister's house in Lake Shore. What? You've never heard of Lake Shore? You're not alone. It's perfect for my sister and her cute family. Lots of space to run around and raise their birds. They have LOTS of birds! Ellie was so excited to visit and see all the animals. First we got to go see the baby chickens. Ellie surprised me by being very eager to hold one.

This was just after Cougar told her you could rub the chick's neck and put it to sleep.

They have two barns full of hay. It was the perfect place to climb. Actually, they were on a treasure hunt of sorts...looking for eggs in the hens' secret nests. After a while, the hay turned into confetti.

Here is Peanut, watching the older sister that he adores. (On a side-note, he really does love Ellie. He starts wiggling around the second she walks into the room. If she's close enough, he'll reach out to grab her and growl to get her attention. I hope this adoration continues!)

The result of the hay-confetti throwing. See all the hay in her hair? You should've seen the tub after her bath!

Having grown up around birds, Cougar is very comfortable with them. At one point, Kristi and I were talking and I heard a duck say, "Whaaackgh". I looked up just in time to see Cougar tackle it. He then picked it up and took it to Ellie. She was a little hesitant at first, but then reached out to pet it.

Before long, this happened:

My daughter is holding a duck! Cougar told her just how to hold it to keep the wings from flapping. The poor duck was carted all over the yard. I got the impression that happens a lot. After a while, they decided to put the duck down. They promptly started chasing it again.

My daughter caught a duck. MY daughter caught a duck. On purpose! And she likes it! I was so shocked by this that throughout the last few days, at random moments, I've found myself thinking, "Ellie caught a duck!". It obviously had a lasting impression on me. (In case you were wondering, she did talk me in to petting the duck while she held it. It was very soft. I have no plans to ever hold a full-sized duck, however).

Kristi, Cougar and Phoenix, thanks for a fun day! I always love watching the kids together (they usually get a long well) but I got to visit with my sister for several hours! Nothing better than that!

I'm sure this patient little duck has a large reward waiting for him in Duck Heaven. You've earned it, little guy.


  1. Wow, how fun. That looks like a great time you guys had. Brooklynn would not have been as brave as Ellie. Good job Ellie.

  2. Oh my gosh, that's awesome! And even better that you had your camera to catch it all!

  3. What a perfect place for Kristi and her family! I didn't know you were afraid of ducks... didn't you pet our duck? I love Ellie's face as she is holding the duck.